Building Management

With our smart management systems, we aim to make commercial buildings more
secure, self-sufficient & easy to manage.

Smart Energy Metering

Keep a track of all the energy consumption at your building & manage its energy efficiency.

  • More detailed feedback on energy consumption than analogue meters.
  • Reduced power outage & electric failures.
  • No more manual meter reading.
  • Option for a dynamic price regulation as per energy consumption.

IP Intercom

Advanced IPPBX telecommunication for smooth connectivity at your modern office.

  • Quick internal calling via unique extension numbers.
  • Receive multiple calls on a single line at the same time.
  • Keep a record of every call with easy call tracking.


Bring true speed & connectivity at your office with best in the class ISPs.

  • VNO licenced by telecom government of India.
  • Single optical fibre to connect multiple devices.
  • High-speed bandwidth for greater speed.
  • Connected with reliable ISPs such as Fusionnet, Tata Telecom & more.

Air Quality Sensor

Breath pure & keep the air inside your home free of dust & pollutants.

  • Constant monitoring & reporting of air quality.
  • Monitor & compare the air quality of both inside & outside.
  • Keep in check of the air via your phone anytime.

Visitor Management

Stay in check of traffic at your building with multiple access control & regulation devices.

  • Instant notification on visitor’s arrival.
  • Smart Elevator Control to prevent unwanted intrusions.
  • Multiple levels of digital authentication systems at the time of entry & exit.

Parking Management

Keep a record each & every vehicle entering the building parking.

  • Drive through car scanner for quicker parking assist.
  • Multiple automated barriers for easy vehicle management.
  • Live alerts upon the encroachment of your parking space.

Smart Box

An intelligent & more secure parcel delivery system that is immune all that problems of a normal delivery.

  • Pick your delivery at a time of your convenience.
  • Dedicated delivery compartments for each courier.
  • Convenient Card Swipe on Delivery (CSOD) option.
  • OTP password access at the time of collection.
  • 24X7 forward & return policy.