Smart Security Solutions

We provide a complete range of digital & automate security solutions for
offices & commercial buildings.

CCTV Camera

Keep a watch on every floor with a variety of wired & wire-free CCTV camera range.

  • 24X7 connected Network Cameras for direct digital surveillance.
  • Automated Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras to cover each & every corner.
  • A high capacity Network Video Recorder (NVR) to keep a record of every day.
  • A strategic Solution Architecture of camera placement for total coverage.

Biometrics & RFIDs

Build a more self-sufficient workspace with a range of building management systems.

  • Easy attendance management with Biometric Time Attendance Machine.
  • Keep in check of the patrol with an intelligent Guard Petrol System
  • E-Card Reader for a quick & hassle-free entry.
  • Advanced Fingerprint Readers for secure & easy access.


Keep the parameters of your building in check & surroundings secure with a range of barriers.

  • Automated Boom Barrier for smart vehicle management.
  • Regulate individual entries with Smart Flap Barrier.
  • Tripod Turnstile for a more secure access control.
  • Easy pedestrian management with automated Swing Barrier.
  • Rigid & robust Bollards to control access to spaces.

Scanners & Detectors

Enhance the security at your building with the latest variety of scanners & detectors.

  • Tunnel size Baggage & Parcel Scanner for a complete inspection.
  • Millimeter Wave Scanners for screening personnel.
  • Handheld scanners for a more thorough inspection of individuals.
  • Drive Through Car Scanner for quicker parking assist.
  • Door Frame Metal Detectors for quick scanning of traffic.

Access Control

Register, track & control all the traffic at your office with smart access control systems.

  • Keep a track of traffic at your building with a smart visitor Management System.
  • Intelligent Elevator Controller to prevent unwanted intrusions.
  • Multiple digital access regulation devices at each level of entry.

Smart Lock

Unlock to a secure workspace each day with Smart Locks coming with multiple access options.

  • Integrated Fingerprint scanner to ensure security.
  • Intelligent face detection for smooth access.
  • Lock or unlock via E-Card
  • Completely Wireless Locking & unlocking.

Smart Security Sensors

Ensure the security of your prized employees with a range of Smart Security Sensors.

  • Intrusion alert sensors that trigger alarms & notify you on your phone.
  • Gas/ Smoke detection sensors to prevent you from
  • Passive infrared sensors to keep an eye around at the nights.