Energy Management

When the entire ecosystem of your office works in unison comfort & efficiency
at your workspace grows in multitudes.


Now your appliances will know when to turn on or off with Agoraa’s smart & easy scheduling.

  • Pre-set your lights to turn on/off at any time.
  • Worry-free water management by scheduling water refills.
  • Schedule events for appliances over your phone.
  • Schedule air conditioners to turn on before your arrival.
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Daylight Harvesting

Agoraa’s Daylight harvesting system incorporates a constant light control strategy that controls the artificial lighting inside your office & regulates it as per the availability of natural light. Using smart photosensitive sensors, our control system dims the lighting inside while maintaining the desired level of lighting. This strategic regulation increases the energy efficiency at your office by considerable amounts.

Smart Lighting Sensors

When lights turn up automatically when you are home, life surely feels luxurious.

  • Motion Detection Sensors that detect your presence & light the way.
  • Energy regulation sensors that turn off unnecessary lights.
  • Dedicated sensors for easy scheduling of lights to turn on/off.